Top 10 Heating Elements Manufacturers in the World 2023

Heating elements have indeed made their way into the world of appliances. These can be  found in various industrial and commercial processes and many different appliances. With a variety of different types and functionalities, these elements are sure to become very popular  in 2023.

In this article, you will discover further information about the heating elements, including the leading manufacturers in 2023.  To gain a deeper understanding of  this element and  heating element market, let us delve  into this article.

What is a Heating Elements?

heating elements

The heating element operates on the Joule heating principle. whereby, the element converts the electrical energy into thermal energy. The electric current flows through these heating elements, and they pass it through the water or liquid that is around it and convert it into heat energy, making the liquid warm.

The elements are composed of various materials. The electric current flows through these elements and makes them hot, which then passes the heat to the liquid around it. These elements are utilized in different devices.


Different Types of Heating Elements

various of heating elements.

There are various types of heating elements that you can find in the market, each of which is designed for specific needs. Each heating element is made with different material and differ when it comes to the resistance, the area where they are used, and the amount of heat they produce.

Mentioned below are some of the common types of heating elements that you will see in industrial and commercial use.


Immersion Heating elements

Immersion heaters are just what the name says. These heating elements can be directly immersed in the tank, and they efficiently and quickly heat the water, oil, or any other kind of liquid present in the tank. This is a convenient and cost-effective method when it comes to heating the liquid.

Circulation Tubular Heating elements

These heaters are present within the thermally insulated vessels. In these vessels, the liquid is present that moves around, and the heaters pass the electric current through them to make the liquid warm. Circulation tubular heaters are usually used in industrial processes to heat large amounts of liquid.

Coil Heating elements

Coil heaters allow the water to heat as it flows through the coil. This is an efficient way through which the water gets hot, and this type of heater is easily installed in the boiler or the furnace.

Air Duct Heating elements

Air duct heaters are commonly found in the HVAC system. This allows the air to get warm before the system distributes it throughout the space. These are the most common kinds of electrical duct heaters that you will find in houses and industries.

Applications of Heating Elements

As mentioned above, the heating elements have many different applications. Below are some of the common applications that you will see of these elements.

  • The temperature of different fluids is maintained through these devices.
  • They are used for heating aquariums and terrariums.
  • Used in houses for lowering the temperature and providing hot air.
  • They are found in different industries to generate power and are used as energy sources.
  • It helps in reducing the viscosity of different liquids.
  • Used for the heating of liquids such as crude oil and other derivatives.

Top 10 Manufacturers of Heating Element 2023


There are a lot of different manufacturers that are in the industry working to make the best and the most efficient heating elements. Mentioned below are the top 10 renowned manufacturers of 2023.


Hotset is a UK-based company that has been manufacturing heating elements since the year 1993. They have extensive and high-quality materials that they use for the making of all these elements. They are known for their fantastic customer service and ensuring that their customers get the best products.

contact person : sven’s″


Zoppas Industries

Zoppas Industries is one of the biggest and leading companies when it comes to the manufacturing of heaters. They have a big team of engineers who are working all the time to create the most high-quality elements and heating devices.

They are working in more than 15 countries all around the world, and there are about 200 application sectors. The best thing is that they have an approach through which they create the products in an environmentally friendly way.

contact person: Daniel

Sino-Japan Electric Heater

Sino-Japan Electric Heaters is another company that is working when it comes to producing high-quality heating elements. They use high and advanced technology and facilities to make these elements. The best thing about this company is that they produce cost-effective and high-quality products and ensure fast delivery

contact person :  Tony


They are an efficient company that is working for the making of the electric heaters and different elements. Tempco also make the custom manufactured electric heaters. They have a variety of heaters and a lot of different kinds that you can find here.

contact person:  Carol


Another company that has undoubtedly made its name when it comes to electric heaters is Wattco. This company also has different types of immersion heaters, ranging from flange heaters to circulation heaters and even tubular heaters.

Wattco has heaters for both industrial as well as commercial applications. They have been working since 1969, and this is why they are known for their high-quality heaters.

contact person:  Jose

Friedr. Freek

This company has been working for more than 70 years working since 1950. They have a dedicated team that has been working to produce the best type of heaters. They develop new designs and manufacture all of these electric heating elements and also deliver them to the customers. Hence, this is a fantastic company and knows what they are doing.

contact person:  Jan.

Hi-Heat Industries Inc

Hi-Heat Industries is an outstanding company and knows its way when it comes to the making of the heating elements. The best thing about this company is that they make customized elements for people so that they can get something unique that will fulfill their requirements.

The different options that you will have are temperature control; they also provide private labeling and the option for bonding methods. Hence, this is a fantastic company who are at the top of their games for making the best heating devices.

contact person :   David


Ulanet is a company who is also been in this industry for a very long time. They have been manufacturing different kinds of eating devices such as industrial thermostats, miniatures, capsules, cartridges, hermetically sealed, and a lot of other things.

Since this company has been in the market for such a long time, they ensure that they are producing the best quality when it comes to these heaters. They also make sure that they are providing the best customer service.


Benchmark Thermal

Benchmark Thermal is also a well-known company for the manufacturing and designing of heating elements. The best thing about this company is that they are presenting a wide variety of heating devices that can work for a lot of different companies and industries.

As far as the products are concerned, you will find everything from tubular heating elements to insulated elements and a lot of other things.

contact person :Carol

Dalton Electric Heating Co.

This company was founded in 1921, and the reason for its fame is that they are producing high-performance and top-notch quality heaters. They also have a huge variety when it comes to finding the correct type of heater for your company or industry. Hence, this is also a fantastic company that is considered one of the best manufacturers of heating elements.

contact person: Neil .

What Regions are Leading in Heating Element?

As mentioned above, the demand for these elements is increasing day by day, and in the upcoming years, the usage of these devices will surely increase. In some regions, the demand is more than in others, and some of the regions that are leading are Europe, such as Germany, Italy, Russia, Turkey, and even France. Other than this, we also have South America, where the usage of this heating element is booming.



The heating elements have made their place in the industry. The market value of these elements is increasing on an everyday basis. Hence, we hope this article was beneficial for you in learning about the top makers of heating devices.


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