Coil heater

The heating element is the heart of hot runner systems, The nozzle heater must provide for thermally homogeneous melt. and heat losses must be kept to a minimum, it requires suitable design and material selection. If you are looking for a professional coil heaters supplier, you are in the right place. Hasteco is committed to producing nozzle heating elements for 20 years and enjoys a 36%share of the China market.

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Cartridge Heater

Cartridge heaters are widely applied in the heating operation that can be inserted into drilled holes. these industry are Plastice molds; hot runner systems; 3D printers, glass bending machine and more.  

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Tubular heater

Hasteco offers custom designed tubular heaters in a wide range of sheath material, Diameters, lengths, terminations,wattage. and These heaters can be applied straight or formed into a variety of shapes, Since that, Tubular heaters are the most versatile heating elements and have been widely used in many industries.

Our engineers can assist in specifying the proper configuration to satisfie application requirements based on factors such as cost, maximum temperature, corrosive nature of the material to be heated.

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Hot runner temperature controller

Hasteco is the Partner of JKE, who is specialized in hot runner temperature controller with great reputation in China. They develop the advanced hot runner controller together with Husky engineers and South China University of Technology. Hot runner temperature can be precisely controlled at ±0.1℃ with JKE temperature controller.

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The thermocouple works by producing a difference in potentials (measured in mV), which could be interpreted as a temperature,and they are the preferred temperature sensor for plastic extrusion, injection molding, blow molding applications.

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