A Differential Guide Between Immersion Heaters and Hot Water Tanks

There is a wide variety of heating technologies and elements in the market. Hence, people often get confused when it comes to narrowing it down to just one. If you are in the same boat and cannot decide between the two exceptional types of heating elements, i.e., immersion heaters and hot water tanks, you have landed on the right page.

Rather than surfing the web to discover your answers, simply hop on below to learn what an immersion heater is, how water tanks are, how they can benefit any user, and what might be the best pick for you. Let’s get started!

What are Hot Water Tanks?

Hot water tanks – also known as hot water heaters are precisely what their name describes them. These are large tanks that are explicitly designed to heat and store water. These tanks draw cold water from the primary source into it, then use their advanced technologies to heat the water, store it, and send it to the required areas when necessary.

Many types of hot water tanks use different methods and fuels to heat the water. However, the result of each hot water tank is almost the same, and these heating technologies have played an effective role in providing both domestic and business sectors with heat water whenever required.

How Do Hot Water Tanks Work?

Now that you understand what a hot water tank is diving into its working mechanism is essential to understand it further. The hot water tanks are big cylindrical water tank that has a heating element inside.

These tanks are made of metal and are usually enclosed with a protective inner lining, which helps prevent corrosion from the water. The tank is also lined with insulation, which helps prevent heat loss.

The tanks heat the cold water from the primary source to the desired temperature. The heating requirement or temperature can be set on the thermostat outside the hot water tank. Once the water has heated up to the desired temperature, the tank then works towards sending it off into the hot water pipes, which then take it to the needed areas of the business or workplace.

What Benefits Can a Storage Hot Water Tank Provide?

Before installing a hot water tank, we are sure you’d want to learn about the benefits it can provide to your business. Well, there are several benefits that a storage hot water tank can provide; some of the major ones are:

 No Natural Gas Line Changes

The best part about installing a hot water tank for your business is that you won’t need to change a natural gas line. If you have a running gas system within your company’s space, installing this hot water tank will be extremely easy. Hence, if you are looking for a natural gas heater that is easy to install, this might be your best.

Immediate Hot Water

The hot water tanks not only heat water, but they also have the capability to hold it as well. Hence, these storage hot water tanks have the heated water standing for use whenever needed. Moreover, the hot water tanks also can heat water immediately. So, if you need to run operations in the company or business urgently and don’t have the hot water to carry it out, you won’t have to wait much longer for it to heat up.

Low Installation Cost Charges

Another great benefit that the hot water tanks provide to their users comes in the form of their installation charges. These hot water tanks are pretty easy to install, and hence, you will not have to worry about spending a fortune on getting them installed.

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What is an Immersion Heater?

With all the information about the hot water tanks out of the way, the ever-famous immersion heater is next on our list. If you heard about these immersion heaters and wanted to know what these heating technologies are, we’ve got you covered.

Immersion heaters are electric water heaters that are manufactured to heat liquids, specifically water. These electricity-powered heaters are connected to their power supply via an electric cable. This allows users to easily switch it on and off depending on when it is needed and when it is not.

How Do the Immersion Heaters Work?

The working mechanism of the immersion heater is relatively simple. These heaters consist of a coil of resistance wire which is placed in the water, and then the electric current is switched on.

The current then passes through the coil, heats it, and then the same temperature is transferred to the surrounding water, eventually warming up. Once your water has reached the desired temperature, the immersion heater will stop passing heat into it automatically.

You must be wondering how does it happen? The immersion heaters feature a thermostatic control, allowing users to set a required temperature. When the water reaches the desired temperature, the thermostat automatically turns off. If it falls below a specific range, the heater immediately switches back again to heat it as well.

What Benefits Can You Gain from Using an Immersion Heater?

The Immersion heaters are a more modernized heating technology than hot water tanks. However, while new, these devices offer several exceptional benefits to their users. Some of these benefits are:

Easy to Carry and Use

The immersion heaters are smaller in size compared to the hot water tanks. This makes them so much easier to lift, carry, and install. On the other hand, these devices are relatively simple to use, too. Users must dip it into the main water tank, which provides the heater water, and plug its wiring into the electrical circuit. The heater would switch on and start doing its wonders for you.

Lowered Price

The lower prices of the immersion heaters are probably the best part. These devices are high-quality, lightweight, easy to use, and come at an exceptional price if you compare them to many other heating technologies in the market. So, if high quality with a budget-friendly price is your approach, there is nothing better than immersion heaters for you.


When putting your money on the table, every user wants the best products that last long. With immersion heaters, this is precisely what you will get. Not only are these heaters available at budget-friendly prices, but they are also highly durable. This means it will last you a long time, and you will not constantly have to worry about its maintenance. In this regard, the immersion heater is a great pick to make.

Hot Water Tanks vs. Immersion Heater – Which One is the Best for You?

Now that you have gained a basic understanding of immersion heaters and hot water tanks, we are sure you must have decided on the best pick for you. However, if you are still confused and wondering which one is in the race of hot water tanks vs. immersion heater tops, let us answer it.

The hot water tanks are exceptional in all forums; our vote inclines toward the immersion heater. Why is that? Well, the primary reason we believe immersion heaters are the best is because these heaters are smaller in size and much more durable.

The hot water tanks are significant cylindrical devices that, while working well, are old-school and take a lot of space to fit in. In many companies and operating businesses, space can always be an issue. Hence, in such regards, the immersion heater works the best.

Not only does this modernized heating technology provide the same benefits as a hot water tank, but it also takes a step up and saves you a lot of space. Hence, for us, immersion heater is what works the best when it comes to comparing both these exceptional heating technologies.

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Wrapping It Up!

If you are someone who liked the old-school workings of a hot water tank but also wanted to move towards the more modernized working of an immersion heater, then we hope this article on immersion heaters and hot water tanks helped you assess which one is the best.

If your vote, just like us, has inclined toward an immersion heater, then we are sure you must be planning on purchasing it. If that is the case, head over to HASTECO to purchase top-notch immersion heaters. Besides this, we also offer a range of premium heaters, from the tubular ones to cartridge, etc.

We have been manufacturing the best heating technologies for years, and our production will not disappoint you. Trust us!

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