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Started from 1999, Our aspiring team has been focusing on electric heating elements technology, As experts in the filed of heating elements, Hasteco works widely from Plastic and package industry to Medical equipment, HVAC, Aerospace, Chemical, and Shipbuilding Industries.

When it comes to heating operations in the plastics industry, Hasteco is the largest producer of coil heaters in China. Ever since 2006 we produce over 163k pcs coil heaters annually, which are being used in 36% of hot runner systems in China.

“With Effectlys approach to customer centricity and the voice of the customers,We work with both quality Control and service to achieve results.”

Quality Assurance

Advanced Production technology

20 years ago our production technology originated from our European partner. With R&D, it has been upgraded into version 5th and 12 kinds of machines have been replaced

Import main raw material from Germany and the united states

We impose strict control on the quality of raw materials and that import raw materials from Germany, Japen, and The United States.

100% piece by piece quality inspection

Our team refer to 100% product inspection all the time.

All Incoming material must be tested to verify their suitability through Salt Spray Corrosion Test on steel pipe & extension test,Humidity and HIGH-TEMP test,resistant test on electric wire, composition test on MgO powder and so on.

Furthermore, all the finished heaters will pass through power-on test & resistance test & X-ray examination


Zero customs duty with our Malaysia co-company

Due to Covid-19, Many express suspended their service, But Hasteco has the solution, We can export our heaters to your country from our Malaysia co-company.

Furthermore, If the order amount is high, You can save a lot cost of customs duty, Because Malaysia sign free-trade agreement with many countries.

Sales Support Team


HasTeco History

Set office at Turkey

HasTeco History
Growing up

Our production technology was upgraded into version 5th, and 12 kinds of machines has been replaced. Our equipment worth of $2.14 million. 

HasTeco History
Lovely Customers

We managed to offer heating elements to over 1000 customers worldwide.

HasTeco History

Hasteco set Hong Kong office.

HasTeco History
Family Team

Hasteco reach 70 employees, including 7 engineers to provide technician service

HasTeco History

Set an subsidiary in Jiangsu province, China

HasTeco History

Brass coil heater was launched and we invested millions of dollar to upgrade production line.

HasTeco History
Financial Crisis

Financial Crisis was coming, but Hasteco got recognized by many injection molding company. For the first time, this year Hasteco produced over 160K pcs coil heaters used in Hot runner systems.

HasTeco History
Hasteco Brand

Hasteco was founded, we imported raw material from Japan and Germany to make electric heating elements

HasTeco History
Mr. Hast

Our European partner Mr. Hast joined in the group and bring the production technology of coil heaters.

HasTeco History
Mr. DL

Mr. DL and the team were offering tubular heating element for kitchen household.

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