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Experienced engineers designs and manufactures your custom industrial heaters - Coil heater, Tubular heater, cartridge heater, Circulation heater and more

We offer various heater products at competitive prices, such as duct and circulation heaters, make the perfect solution, and provide a one-stop service for you.

Immersion heaters

An immersion heater is a device used to heat a liquid that is inserted in a tank or container. Over-the-side, flanged, or threaded mounting options are available.
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Circulation tubular heater

Circulation heaters are commonly utilized with pressurized processing fluids. This type of immersion heater is widely utilized in a variety of industries, including oil storage, industrial food equipment, and cooling towers.
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Coil heaters ( With Jacket)

The strength of a coil heater is its ability to be tailored exactly for your nozzle heating needs. By altering the winding tightness in different areas, heat may be directed to certain sections of the nozzle.
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Air duct heaters

Electric duct heaters improve comfort by maintaining or accelerating the flow of warm air via ducts within a structure, particularly in locations farthest away from the main HVAC unit.
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Industries We Serve

Injection mold

Injection Mold

Not only hot runner heaters, Hasteco also offer Mold spare parts and temperature controller
Medical, Laboratory instrument


Equipment developed for use in a medical context must meet extremely stringent safety criteria. Electric heat systems, such as those used for patient warming or blood dialysis, have stringent electrical safety requirements to prevent injury to the patient or attendants during use.
High pressure reactor


Reactor heaters are used in reactors to supply the necessary heat to create the appropriate endothermic reactions.
HVAC Industry

HVAC Industry

The HVAC heater heats the air as it flows through the air ducts, delivering the desired temperature to the space.


Fluid heating solutions from Hasteco include flange (flanged), over-the-side, screw plug, and circulation heaters that are appropriate for heating tanks, vessels, heat transfer loops, and freeze protection applications.


The goal of heating the oil is to reduce its viscosity and aid in emulsion splitting. The oil and emulsion rise via the fire tubes and run into an oil surge chamber with a differential float device that controls the oil level.

Why Choose Us

Our 30 years experienced team will support you from the beginning to the end of the heater project with project management tools (review of technical specification, planning, progress report, risk analysis) as well as quality tools (inspection test plan, procurement report, manufacturing documentation) will ensure QDCF performance (Quality, Delivery, Cost and Features).

Shipping time

Delivery time is around 7-10 days.


Discounted price – half the price of competitors

shipping fee

Our shipping fee is usually 30% cheaper than the other freight forwarder.


We can do under-invoice so that customers can save import duties.


Offer a one-stop solution for all kinds of heaters.

About Us

Established in 2006, Hasteco develop, produce, and sell electric heating elements for industrial applications. When it comes to plastic injection mold industry, we enjoy a great reputation.

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