MD 60 Hot runner temperature controller

MD60 Hot runner temperature controller

Operation Instructions for MD60 Hot Runner temperature Controller


Thanks for using MD60 hot runner temperature controller!

MD60 is a special temperature controller for hot runner. It is suitable for all hot runner heaters with the load not greater than 15A. International standard structure is adopted for its shape and installation mode, which is suitable for any standard case. Its power distribution system and load connection mode are standard structure. Each controller controls the heater temperature of one loop. The temperature controller is easy to plug and unplug, and can be interchanged with other manufacturers’ temperature controllers.

1,Functions and features:

  • The operation interface of the temperature controller is   displayed with button and double-line 4-digit LED, and the running status is displayed in text
  • Due to simple operation and high temperature control precision, new users can quickly enter the working state
  • The temperature controller adopts the general international standard structure, which is easy to replace and can be interchanged with the products of other manufacturers
  • The function of each temperature controller is the same, so they can be interchanged and are convenient for users to repair and store spare parts
  • It can set K-type and J-type thermocouple sensor signals, with accurate temperature nonlinear processing and integrated cold junction compensation
  • The control mode can be zero crossing trigger mode (SSR) or phase angle control mode (PAC)
  • There are two ways of temperature setting and display, i.e. degree centigrade (℃) and Fahrenheit degree (OF), which can be freely switched through the menu.
  • Thermocouple disconnection alarm, automatic shutdown protection function
  • Thermocouple reverse connection alarm, automatic shutdown protection function
  • Thermocouple short circuit alarm, automatic shutdown protection function
  • Heating ring open circuit alarm, automatic shutdown protection function
  • Heating ring overload and short circuit alarm, automatic shutdown protection function
  • SCR breakdown alarm, automatic shutdown protection function
  • Alarm and protection function of thermocouple and heating coil reversed connection
  • Wrong connection of C380V, power automatic protection function
  • FUZZY + PID control algorithm; there are two ways to set PID parameters, namely, automatic online setting and manual setting u Hot runner soft start heating mode is equipped, and soft start heating power and heating time can be set freely
  • In  addition  to  automatic  control,  the  system  is  also  equipped  with  manual  control  mode  for  heating  mode  under  special circumstances



Operating ambient temperature 320~1310F  (00~550C)
Storage ambient temperature -400~1580 F (-400~700C)
Type of sensor J or K-type thermocouple sensor
Temperature measurement range of thermocouple 320~8600 F (00~4500C)
Temperature accuracy 0.3% of the range
Protection of protective tube 220V 15A double-way fast-acting fuse
Control output type Bidirectional SCR 15A  220VAC
Power supply 86-240VAC     50/60Hz




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