Cartridge heater with swaged in leads

Cartridge heater with swaged in leads

Hasteco offers properly designed and constructed cartridge heaters with swaged in leads that are capable of both high-temperature and high-watt-density operation. For cartridge heater with swaged-in leads, the connection between the leads and power pins is inside the heater. So that swaged cartridge heaters are ideal for applications in which there is a lot of movement.

What is the cartridge heater with swaged-in leads?

Cartridge heaters with swaged-in leads consist of a resistive wire heating element enclosed within a metal or ceramic cartridge, with the lead wires tightly fixed or embedded within the cartridge through a swaging process.

1. Robust and durable construction.
2. Excellent mechanical strength and stability.
3. Secure the electrical connection between the lead wires and the heating element.
4. Efficient heat transfer and uniform heating.

1. Difficult to replace lead wires if they become damaged.
2. Limited flexibility compared to external wiring options.

When to use the cartridge heater with swaged-in leads?

In plastic processing, cartridge heaters with internal thermocouples are used to heat and melt plastic materials in injection molding and extrusion processes. They are also utilized in ovens, toasters, coffee makers, and other food processing equipment for heating food or beverages. In the medical field, they find applications in surgical instruments, warming boxes, and other medical devices requiring controlled heating. Additionally, they are used in 3D printers, engine preheaters, fuel tank heaters, and various other industrial processes that require efficient and reliable heating.

What are the types of cartridge heaters with swaged-in leads?

According to the port type classification, it can be simply divided into the following types, which are for reference only. If you have any doubts, please contact us.
Flange cartridge heater

Flange cartridge heaters typically have their leads or wiring exiting from one end of the heater. But it has swaged-in leads depending on the specific design and manufacture of the heater.

They consist of a straight wire or group of wires coming out of the heater. These leads are often coated in insulation, such as silicone or Teflon, to prevent electrical shorting.
Straight Leads
These types of leads come out of the cartridge heater at a 90-degree angle. They are useful in situations where space is at a premium or where straight leads might be subjected to excessive bending, which could cause them to break.

These types of leads have terminal pins at their ends. These pins allow for easy and secure connection to electrical circuitry.

Lead Wire with Connector Plug
These leads include a connector plug at their ends. This allows for easy plug-and-play operation with compatible systems.
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