Cartridge heater

Cartridge heaters are widely applied in the heating operation that can be inserted into drilled holes. these industry are Plastice molds; hot runner systems; 3D printers, glass bending machine and more.

Cartridge heater with swaged in leads

Hasteco offers properly designed and constructed cartridge heaters with swaged in leads that are capable of both high-temperature and high-watt-density operation. For cartridge heater with swaged-in leads, the connection between the leads and power pins is inside the heater. So that swaged cartridge heaters are ideal for applications in which there is a lot of movement.

cartridge heater with swaged-in leads

Cartridge heater with crimped on leads

If vibration and impact resistant is not required in application, and it only need low to medium watt density cartridge heaters, then Non-swaged cartridge heaters offers a cost effective alternative to Swaged cartridge heaters.

cartridge heater with crimped-on lead

Where to use the cartridge heater often?

Cartridge heaters elements are versatile heating elements that can be used in many different applications. Here are some common uses of cartridge heaters:

cartridge heater
Heater cartridges can be used as heating elements in plastic injection molding and extrusion machines.

Cartridge heaters can be used in ovens, toasters, coffee makers, and other food processing equipment.

Heater cartridges can be used in medical devices, such as heating surgical instruments or warming boxes.

Cartridge heaters can be used as heating elements in 3D printers to heat and melt printing materials.

Other applications, such as heating boilers, generators, drying equipment, coolers, water treatment equipment, and more.

What are the precautions for using cartridge heaters?

Some of the most important considerations when using cartridge heater elements include:

Correct structural design: Cartridge heaters should be tightly installed in the holes. If the hole is too large, the heat transfer will not be good and the heater may overheat and fail. Inserting and removing the heater may become difficult if the hole is too small.

Operating Temperature: Heater cartridges must be operated within their specified temperature range. Exceeding the maximum temperature may cause the heater to fail, and may even cause safety hazards, causing unnecessary casualties and losses.

Power Supply: Make sure the power supply matches the specifications of the cartridge heater. Supplying too much power may cause the heater to overheat and fail.

Periodic Inspection: Periodically inspect the cartridge warmer for damaged or worn pixels. If any problems are found, the heater should be replaced immediately.

These are a few important things to pay special attention to when using cartridge heaters.

What is the difference between swaged-in leads and crimped leads?

Swaged-in leads and crimped leads are two types of cartridge heaters. They have some differences in the structure design.

For the cartridge heater with swaged-in leads, its core has exposed wires on both ends, which are tightly fixed inside the heating core through high-pressure forming technology. This connection method can provide better mechanical strength, as the wires are intertwined with the core and are not easily affected by stress or vibration, nor are they easily corroded by liquids or gases. However, since the wires are connected inside the heating core, it is more difficult to replace them.

For the cartridge heater with crimped-on leads, its wires are welded or crimped to the external terminals of the heating core. This connection method makes it easier to replace and repair the wires, but it may lose some mechanical strength and corrosion resistance because the wires are connected outside the heating core and may be more susceptible to stress, vibration, and corrosion from liquids or gases.

Frequently Asked Questions

Cartridge heaters consist of a nickel-chromium resistance wire wrapped around a ceramic core, providing heat. The assembly is protected by a metal sheath, such as stainless steel, for durability.

1) Turn off power to the equipment and allow any existing heaters to cool down.
2) Inspect the hole where the cartridge heater will be installed.
3) Measure the depth of the hole and ensure it matches the cartridge heater’s length.
4) Insert the heater.
5) Secure the heater.
6) Connect the cartridge heater’s lead wires to the appropriate power source or control system.
7) Turn on the power and check the heater’s functionality.

Overheating, poor fit or installation, moisture ingress, mechanical stress, contamination, incorrect voltage or power supply, aging and wear and etc.

Generally, a 40-watt heater cartridge can heat up to temperatures between 500°C to 800°C (932°F to 1472°F). However, some specialized heater cartridges can reach even higher temperatures.

An L-shaped cartridge heater is a type of cartridge heater that has a bent or L-shaped design. To use an L-shaped cartridge heater, follow these general steps:
1) Select an L-shaped cartridge heater with the appropriate wattage, voltage, and dimensions for your application.
2) Ensure that the hole or cavity where you’ll install the L-shaped cartridge heater is clean and free from debris.
3) Carefully insert the straight part of the L-shaped cartridge heater into the hole or cavity, ensuring a proper fit.
4) Connect the heater to a power source.
5) Control the temperature, such as a thermostat or a PID controller.
6) Regularly check the heater’s performance, and temperature.

There are several types of cartridge heaters, each with its specific features and applications. Some common types include:

mini cartridge heater, finned cartridge heater, threaded cartridge heater, cartridge heater with the internal thermocouple, square cartridge heater, high-density cartridge heater, right-angle cartridge heater, and so on.

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