How Cartridge Heaters are Used in the Plastic Industry

cartridge heaters

The possible reason you landed on this page is that you heard about cartridge heaters and wanted to learn more about them. Cartridge heaters are small cylindrical devices that, despite their size, play a crucial role in many significant industries. One such sector happens to be the plastic one.

If you are keen on knowing how cartridge heaters are used in the plastic industry and how their application can be beneficial, then you have landed on the right page. Below I have covered a detailed guide covering the answers to all your hows and whys.

cartridge heaters

What are Cartridge Heaters?

Cartridge heaters are one of the most useful devices used in several industries. They are small tube-shaped, industrial heating elements that can easily be inserted into drilled holes. Given their small size and ability to fit into small holes, the cartridge heaters are ideal for several industrial processes requiring high heat.

One such industry where the use of these heaters is immense is the plastic industry. The plastic industry is a sector whose operations are constant. With the continuous production of plastic for various purposes, the demands and needs of machinery in this industry are a lot.

Hence, among the many machines that help operate this industry well, the cartridge heaters are one. Want to know how these machines are applicable within the plastic industry? We have it covered for you below.To read about immersion heater and its working, tap on the attached link.

Applications of Cartridge Heaters in the Plastic Industry

The plastic industry manufactures products that play a significant role in our daily lives. Plastic ziplock bags, kitchen containers, and even hangers you put your clothes on are all things made of plastic. Hence, the plastic industry is constantly booming and using necessary machinery, which helps make producing this material easier. Here is a little insight into the cartridge heaters application within the plastic industry:

Portion Packing

The plastic industry produces bags and containers for appropriate portion packaging. Hence, the cartridge heaters play a significant role in this process. For the portion packaging aspect in the plastic industry, cartridge heaters are used to soften the plastic for packaging purposes.

Form Fill and Seal

The use of this machinery for form fill and seal by the plastic industry is to make packaging bags for the food industries. Plastic bags are dispensed from a machine, filled with the appropriate product, and sent to these heaters for proper sealing.


Another essential role of cartridge heaters in the plastic industry is thermoforming. The plastic industry cartridge heaters play a significant role in thermoforming. This process includes heating and reforming the plastic sheets into your preferred or desired shapes.

Tamper Proof

Tamperproofing is yet another crucial service that is carried out by cartridge heaters. The plastic industry produces durable and secure packaging through this machinery sent to several other operating sectors. Plastic packaging is one of the most critical manufacturing of any plastic industry, and these heaters play a significant role in its production.

Plastic Welding

The cartridge heaters also carry out plastic welding purposes within this industry. In this process, several pieces of plastic are taken and connected using a weld. Through this method, plastic doesn’t go to waste, which works as an environmental-friendly benefit, all while saving costs for the plastic industry.

Traditional Plastic Molds

The cartridge heaters are placed inside a metal mold plate. This process is carried out to ensure that the plastic and rubber materials in the mold flow and are always in their molten state and relatively uniform temperatures are constantly maintained.If you want to learn about the cartridge heater application in other industries, tap on the provided link.

cartridge heaters

Why is the Use of Cartridge Heaters Beneficial for the Plastic Industry?

Now that you understand the applications of cartridge heaters within the plastic industry, we are sure as an industrialist; you might be intrigued by them. However, investing in machinery is a big decision, and one should have a clear thought process and understand every purchase dynamic before investing in a heavy-duty machine.

If this is the same for you, you might want to learn a few benefits of incorporating a cartridge heater in the plastic industry. Here are a few listed for you:

Efficient in Energy Transfers

The ability of cartridge heaters to quickly provide heat to the environment gives them an advantage. These heaters are relatively small compared to others in the market and have the components fitted inside them.

Hence, the small structure ensures that the component inside the tube is tightly packed, which ultimately makes the heat from the resistance coil transmit efficiently to the dielectric core and then to the metallic case which encloses the component. Hence, the transfer of energy in the cartridge heaters is quite efficient.

Temperature Sustainable

The cartridge is manufactured with several-watt densities. This means these heaters are temperature sustainable, given that they can be controlled and operated at any preferred temperature, depending on the production and task.

Hence, cartridge heaters are pretty helpful because users in the plastic industry will not have to constantly worry about overheating or underheating the product they are trying to manufacture. Each result would be equal and perfect in creation.

Ease of Installation

The best part about the cartridge heaters is their ease of installation. These machines are easy to install because they must be inserted into a drilled hole. Given their small size and smooth surface, the insertion process is also easy to carry out. Moreover, the maintenance cost of this machinery is minimal because they only require little maintenance every once in a while.

High Performance

When putting their money out on the table, industrialists would want a machine that provides commendable results. With the cartridge heater machines, your results will surpass your expectations.

One of the best benefits of cartridge heaters is their high performance. The heater provides recommendable performance in terms of power and temperature and is an excellent pick for any operating industry.


Another essential aspect any industrialist would look into when purchasing machinery for their industries is whether they would be durable. The cartridge heaters are manufactured machines, keeping the durability aspect under consideration, and hence can withstand any harsh conditions like temperature, moisture, and corrosive chemicals.

Heavy Duty

Given that the cartridge heater operates under intense heat conditions, it has to have the ability to withstand hot temperatures. Therefore, these heaters are made from heavy-duty materials which can withstand the heat that it produces, making them suitable for various applications.

cartridge heaters

Things to Consider When Buying a Cartridge Heater

While the application and benefits of a cartridge heater are immense, and we are sure that you might have inclined towards it a bit, you should understand that there are several factors you should consider before buying a cartridge heater. Here are a few significant aspects which you should keep under consideration:

Material Compatibility

Cartridge heaters work under intense heat, so their material should be compatible with the demand of their work. The sheath material of a cartridge heater should be perfect for its operating environment. Some common sheath materials which can be used are stainless steel, Incoloy, and Inconel. Each material has its advantages and limitations, so one should look into each before purchasing.

Temperature Sensing and Control

Temperature maintenance is essential when producing several products within the plastic industry. Hence, it is always necessary to choose cartridge heaters with built-in thermocouples or RTDs (Resistance Temperature Detectors). These devices would help keep the heat temperatures at the desired value and ensure that the product outcomes are perfect too.

Termination Type

Ensure that your cartridge heater’s termination type is appropriate for your application and installation requirements. Hence take all common termination types under consideration.

Safety Features

Some cartridge features include additional safety features like ground fault protection, explosion-resistant designs, over-temperature protection, etc. Always choose cartridge heaters with these safety features because they will help prevent accidents and extend the heater’s lifespan.

Cost and Warranty

Several cartridge heaters are available at different pricing; each company offers an additional warranty timeline. Hence, always look into the cost, warranty, and features and choose the best one that aligns with your needs and budget.

Manufacturer’s Reputation

There are many manufacturers in the market which sell cartridge heaters. However, doing your research well is always recommended, and choosing the one with a reliable reputation, good reviews, technical support, and reliable customer service.


I hope this guide was sufficient to help you understand the use of cartridge heaters in the plastic industry, all while outlining the benefits it may provide you. If you are an industrialist searching for a manufacturer which makes the best cartridge heaters, then we highly suggest you take a look at HASTECO Heating Technologies. The company has been curating the best pieces of machinery for years and would undoubtedly surpass your expectations.


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