Electric Immersion Heaters: Frequently Asked Questions

Are you a business owner whose company or plant constantly requires hot water to keep the production going? Well, then, we are sure that you might always be searching for the best ways of heating water for your business that aren’t only easy but also budget-friendly. We are sure you must have come across the immersion heaters during your search, right?

If this product intrigues you and you want to know more about what it is and how it might benefit your business, you have landed on the right page. Hop on below to learn what an immersion heater is and why it can be the best decision for your business.

What is an Immersion Heater?

Have you heard about an immersion heater for the first time and wondered what it is? Well, to break it down to you, an immersion heater is an electrical heater that is designed to heat liquids, mainly water.
This heater is designed as a metal coil, which is immersed in the water, and then electricity is passed through it. The electricity helps generate heat, which makes the immersion heater hot and, therefore, ultimately, the water it is dispersed into.

The Principle of Immersion Heater?

Now that you understand what an immersion heater is, we are sure it is working of an immersion heater which might be next on your list of questions. Well, you know that immersion heaters are a type of electrical heaters that are used to heat water.
This electrical heater consists of a coil of resistance wire placed in the water, and the current is turned up. Due to the current, the coil starts heating up, eventually passing the same temperature to the surrounding water, and it begins to boil.
These heaters are extremely safe because they only heat the water and ensure that the tank or container where it is placed doesn’t heat up. The working of an immersion heater is relatively simple, and its operations serve exceptional benefits.
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Benefits of Using an Immersion Heater

Compared to other heating methods, immersion heaters benefit your business. These heaters are exceptional in their performance and have gained massive popularity over the years. If you want to know a few of the best ones, we have them listed for you below:
Energy Efficient/Reduced Energy Cost
As a running business, saving energy and cost will always be your priority. You can achieve just this by incorporating an immersion heater into your business. Immersion heaters are known for their energy efficiency. These heaters heat the water directly, which minimizes heat loss during the entire heating process. This also means they will help reduce your business’s energy costs.
Backed up with Solar
The immersion heaters can be backed up with solar panels as well. Hence, if the power runs out and you already have solar panels or generators installed on your business premises, you can back it up with those and keep the production running.
This way, you will face no loss in your business, and the solar panels might also help you save tons of money, which you may lose on electricity, too. How cool, right?
Quick Heating
Many businesses require hot water to run promptly and 24/7. Hence, a device or heater that can provide quick heating for the production to communicate is essential. With the exceptional quick heating capability of the immersion heaters, these heaters might be the best fit for you. So, if you need a heater that ensures quick heating, make sure to invest in this one for sure.
Easy Installation
Complex installations, constant maintenance, and hard-to-fix equipment are a no-go for any business. This is because when a firm or company encounters an issue, they would want to get through it quickly to resume production, right? Hence, anything complex to operate or fix is immediately out of the picture for them.
With the immersion heaters, this is not something you should worry about. This is because installing these heaters is relatively simple and does not require much maintenance.
Increased Safety
Unlike many traditional heating methods, immersion heaters do not rely on an open flame. This makes these heaters not only a more different and modern heating approach but also one that is highly safe to use.
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What are the Drawbacks of Using an Immersion Heater in your Business?
While the benefits of this modernized heating technology are great, there are a few drawbacks to it as well. These drawbacks aren’t massive and not something one would encounter daily. However, it is still ideal to have a know-go about them before you hop on to make an immersion heater purchase for your business:
Electrical Hazards
The working of an immersion heater operates in a way where the metal coil through which the electricity is passed heats the coil. Though this the water becomes hot and is typically safe to use. However, there can be times when the coil becomes corroded. The corroded coil can then cause electrocution if someone touches it. Hence, to avoid such instances and prevent any electrical hazards, hiring a qualified electrician to install and maintain your electrical heater for your running business is essential.
Limited Capacity
The immersion heaters have a limited capacity and can only heat water to a standard level or amount at a time, unlike tankless water heaters, etc. Hence, if you are a business that requires excessive water heaters for your operations constantly, this might not be the best pick for you.

The installation of Immersion Heater

Several tools are required to install an immersion heater. A list of the few essential ones is concluded below:
·       Model plate with wrench area
·       Compression nut for cable seal
·       Connecting Cable
·       Immersion tube
·       Marking for minimum immersion depth
·       Terminal casing
·       Terminal casing cover

The Cost of Immersion Heaters ?

Now that you understand what an immersion heater is, how it works, differs from traditional heating methods, and what benefits it may provide your business, we are sure you must be inclining a bit toward purchasing it. However, before doing this, the primary concern would be the cost of it for you, right?
This is natural to consider; given that a business runs on an expense, a particular budget should be maintained for each expense. When planning on purchasing an immersion heater, you will find various costs in the market. Hence, it is essential to do a proper survey and find a company that is exceptional in providing high-quality products and willing to quote a price that suits your budget.

The value of immersion heaters?

If you think an immersion heater might be expensive for your business when installed, you cannot be more wrong. This is because this modernized heating technology is highly cost-effective. These efficient heaters help a company reduce its energy costs by 30%.
Moreover, they are low instances, and hence, you will not have to constantly worry about setting aside or allocating a particular amount for its maintenance each month. They last you many years with proper care, making them one of the best investments you can make for your business.

How long does immersion water stay hot?

Now that you understand the workings of an immersion heater, we are sure there might still be a few questions about this exceptional technology. One such question that you might be wondering about is how long water stays hot in an immersion heater.
To answer it for you, any immersion heater’s tendency to keep your water hot and running in your business depends on a few factors. These factors include the size of your immersion heater and the water you are heating in it.
However, while these two factors do play immense importance, it cannot be disregarded that immersion heaters do keep the water hot for long hours if placed in a well-insulated tank.


Immersion heaters are a modernized heating technology that has recently created a well-deserved hype. These heaters are being used in both business sectors and for at-home purposes, given how easy to install and safe to use these are.
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