Wattco vs Tempco: Which One We Should Choose?

As a business owner in a large multinational industry, we are sure that using heating elements to run your operations is always evident. However, the question remains: which heating elements should you incline towards?

There are multiple industries out there that label themselves as the best, but of course, you cannot purchase from every heating manufacturer, right? Well, if you are a business owner in search of heating elements, then you probably have done your research well.

It might also have led you to two of the best brands, Wattco and Tempco. If you narrowed down your choices , these two but are confused about which might be the best pick for you, then let us help you out. While both industries are exceptional, there are a few factors where they differ. This guide will help you differentiate between the two brands and help you choose the one that suits you best.


An Insight into the Heating Elements and Thermal Component Industry

Many industries are currently operating in the business sector, one of which is the heating elements and thermal sector. This particular industry manufactures crucial components that serve various purposes and are used in multiple domestic and industrial applications.

The heating elements are designed in a way that helps convert the electric energy into heat energy efficiently. The heating elements and thermal industries are essential for numerous applications and have impacted modern life in various aspects.

Multiple businesses operate in this industrial sector. However, when it comes to the two best, Wattco and Tempco quite easily come on the list. If you want to gain insight into these two industries, then we have them concluded for you below.

All About Wattco

Wattco is undeniably a name that is quite famous among other industrialists who require heating elements for their processing. Established in 1972, the company aimed to produce efficient products that helped all businesses. Fast-forward to today, and with its excellent production line, efficient features, knowledgeable base, and resourceful sales team, the company has managed to achieve just that.

Wattco provides customers with exceptional performance and reliability heaters and controls. The company has produced and provided its customers with heating products with digital and mechanical controls, and thermocouples to help note and take accurate readings.

In addition to all this, Wattco heating products also have industrial-grade safety features like high-limit cut-off controls that help prevent the heating equipment from getting overheated. This, in turn, provides utmost safety and security to the valuable equipment and ensures that it lasts a long time. The company also provides heaters available in standard, moisture-resistant, and explosion-proof terminal housing based on the demands and requests of the purchaser.

All About Tempco

Establised in 1972, Tempco manufactures electric heating elements for various industrial, scientific, medical, and commercial applications. The company started producing high-quality products by focusing on leadership, dedication, ingenuity, and hard work. This aim has helped the company flourish, and today, it manufactures approximately thirty different types of electric heating elements and temperature sensors, each with hundreds of design variations.

The company produces American-made and manufactured products and, in addition to national sales, has expanded its roots internationally through its vast network of sales representatives and distributors. The company serves both OEMs and end-users and has expanded its customer base throughout industries like plastic, packaging, rubber, medical, food services, and even transportation, among many others that use its product for heat processing.

Brand Name Established Time Main Production Price Company Philosophy Product Application
Wattco Wattco has been manufacturing its wide variety of industrial and commercial heating elements since 1972. Immersion Heaters Get a qoute for each type of heater by contacting the company With its resourceful sales team, the company aims to provides its customers with the best heaters. The industrial immersion heaters are a way to quickly and effeciently heat up liquid solutions in large processing equipments.
Tempco Tempco Electric Heater Corporation was founded in 1972. Electric Heating Elements and Temperature Sensors Contact the company for the type of product you want to purchase. The company’s philosophy is established based on leadership, ingenuity, dedication and hard work which helps it focus on producing high-quality products. The electric heating elements and temperature sensors produced by Tempco are used in several industries such as platsic, packaging, transportation, medical, rubber, etc.


What are the differences between them?

Now that you have read a thorough description of both companies and also reviewed a comparison table, we are sure you might want to take a look into a more detailed difference between the two companies. If that is the case, then we also have this aspect covered for you below.

Established Time

When assessing a company’s competency or production expertise, one first looks into its establishment year. Any company famous for lines of working with a vast history of years in production lines immediately becomes a top pick. However, this cannot be the case with both these companies.

This is because both Wattco and Tempco were established in the same year. Hence, their production expertise in terms of their years of working remains the same. Both companies have been operating in the heating industry sector since 1972, and for the past 52 years, their exceptional work and high-quality production have garnered a customer base that only a few in this sector have managed to achieve.

Main Production is Different

While established the same year, it is their main production line where the two companies differ a bit. Wattco solely focuses on producing high-quality Immersion Heaters, while Tempco manufactures around thirty different types of electric heating elements and temperature sensors.

Wattco’s immersion heaters are used in large-scale industries and business operations where the constant need to heat a large quantity of liquids quickly is required. Tempco, on the other hand, produces heating elements that can be used for a variety of different heating purposes, such as packaging, transportation, etc.


When choosing a company between two, many people also look into the price margin. This is because anyone who plans on purchasing products either solo or in bulk wants to get the best manufacturing at the most reasonable price.

We are sure that your purchasing approach as a customer who wants to buy heating elements for their business would be the same. However, the actual price provided by either company is something we cannot directly quote here. This is because both Wattco and Tempco produce several types of high-quality heating elements and products. Hence, the price of each product and its variations differ from the other.

If you want to know the pricing for a particular product or a product on the company’s website that you may be interested in, we suggest you contact the company directly for a quote.

Company Philosophy 

The companies’ aims and philosophy are the same. What is it? Their purpose is to provide their users with the best and highest-quality products. However, while Wattco aims to produce such products with the help of its resourceful sales team, Tempco takes a more leadership-directed approach, followed by ingenuity and dedication.

Product Application

The immersion heaters produced by Wattco are solely used in industries ,and it  require a way to quickly and efficiently heat liquid solutions in large processing equipment. These large processing equipment can include large tanks or water storage devices to ensure ,which  hot water is provided quickly whenever it is required in production.

Tempco, on the other hand, produces heating elements that can be used for various purposes in different industries, such as plastic, transportation, medical, additives, etc.

How to Choose the Best Product?

Now that you have gained a thorough insight into the exceptional operations, workings, and dynamics of both companies and the products they manufacture, the question is which one would be your best pick.

Well, the answer happens to be both. What do we mean by that? Both companies produce heating elements, but they do produce products with slightly different means of working and operations. In addition, their availability, price, and production timings might differ, too.

Therefore, you need to gain all the information from both companies and pick the product you want based on the pricing and features that suit you best.

Wrapping Up!

Both Wattco and Tempco are renowned names in the heating industry. However, the question is which is the best and which you should choose. If you can seek the same answers, then we hope this detailed guide on the differences between the two companies helped you clear your head. Let us know whether, as a business owner or industry master, you have worked with either of the two companies, which company you believe is the best pick to make between Wattco vs. Tempco, and why.





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