Tubular heaters for hot runner manifold

Tubular heaters for hot runner manifold

There are cartridge and tubular heaters that are most commonly used for manifold heating,Particularly Tubular heaters have proven successful,These tubular heaters are able to be bent and adapted to the shape of the manifold, and have a long service life and linear temperature characteristics.

  • Tubular heaters are easy to bend as long as a minimum bend radius is used. The minimum bend radius of a tubular heater depends on its diameter. Hasteco tubular heaters are offered in eight straight, bent shapes. Preformed tubular heaters request 1:1 drawings according to the dimension on the manifold.
  • Hasteco also offers special fixture for curstomer who buy straight tubular heaters and make subsequent shaping work themselves. you will find it is very as convenient as flexible heaters for installation

Voltage:   up to 250 V,standard voltage of  230 V as well as low voltage of 3, 5, or 24 V

Power tolerance (cold): +5%,-10%

Insulation restistance (cold): ≥ 10MΩ for 1000 V (DC)

Leakage current (cold): ≤ 0,5 mA

Dielectric strength:1500 V

Power density(depending on heater transfer): Max. 9W/cm²

Surface temperature: max. 750 °C / 1380℉

Cross-section: ○:φ6.0,φ6.6,φ8,φ8.5


Unheated(Cold) Length:30±5mm

Sheath material: Stainless Steel, Incoloy or Nickel


Strueture of tubular heater for hot runner manifold

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