Pressed in brass coil heater

Pressed in brass coil heater

Due to thermal expansion, The top and bottom of the coil heater tend to lift from the nozzle body after long-term operation, Hasteco solve this problem by improve the way coil heater locates in a nozzle, That’s Pressed in Brass coil heater, which is widely used in high-end hot runner systems

  • Hasteco Pressed in Brass coil heater delivers the benefits of an even heater transfer over the whole length of the nozzle because Copper has good thermal conductivity
  • Press in brass coil Heater provides faster response and longer thermocouple life than traditional “cast in brass” designs due to the elimination of Molten brass temperature and air bubbles during the casting process.

Voltage: up to 250 V,standard voltage of  230 V as well as low voltage of 3, 5, or 24 V

Power tolerance (cold): +5%,-10%

High voltage flash test (cold): 800 V (AC) (1000 V AC, 1250 V AC)*

Insulation restistance (cold): ≥ 5MΩ for 500 V (DC)

Leakage current (cold): ≤ 0,5 mA for 253 V (AC)

Power density(depending on heater transfer): Max. 9W/cm²

Surface temperature: max. 750 °C / 1380℉

Cross-section: ○:φ1.5,φ1.8,φ2.0,φ3.4,φ3.8,φ4.2

          □:3.2*3.2, 3.6*3.6, 2.2*4.2, 2.3*4.3, 2*4

Heating Element Length Tolerance: ± 5%

Heating Element Diameter Tolerance: ± 0,05 mm

Heating Element Unheated Length: Standard 35mm (Minmum 15mm)

Lowest Wall Thickness of Sleeve:  2.0mm

Sleeve Length: 8mm-500mm

Sleeve Inside Diameter Tolarance: +0.06mm ~ +0.04mm,

Sleeve Length Tolerance:± 0.25mm

Connector Length:28mm

Leads:  Standard 1000mm, PTFE insulation, permanent temperature resistant up to 260 °C

Thermocouple: J/K type thermocouple, In-built thermocouple is unavailable

If not specified, the inner diameter of the sleeve is a positive tolerance(+0.04mm ~ +0.06mm)


structure of pressed in brass coil heaters


Lead Protection
lead protection (2)
lead protection (3)
lead protection (1)
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