Kappa series coil heater

Kappa series coil heater

Hasteco Kappa series coil heaters is another design solution to solve the deformation of the coil heater,It and pressed in brass coil heaters are the most common method of locating heaters in a hot runner nozzle.

With this design, Coil heater is sandwiched between metal sleeves, and there are threads on one end of the outer sleeve.

  •  No tools are required for installation or removal, Kappa series coil heaters are easily replaced with a fixture pulling it out from nozzle.
  • High insulation (above 500M Ohm), high voltage resistance (above 1000V), can meet the special requirements.

Voltage:   up to 250 V,standard voltage of  230 V as well as low voltage of 3, 5, or 24 V

Power tolerance (cold): +5%,-10%

High voltage flash test (cold): 800 V (AC) (1000 V AC, 1250 V AC)*

Insulation restistance (cold): ≥ 5MΩ for 500 V (DC)

Leakage current (cold): ≤ 0,5 mA for 253 V (AC)

Power density(depending on heater transfer): Max. 9W/cm²

Surface temperature: max. 750 °C / 1380℉

Cross-section:  □:1.4*2.1

Heating Element Length Tolerance: ± 5%

Heating Element Diameter Tolerance: ± 0,05 mm

Heating Element Unheated Length: Standard 35mm (Minmum 15mm)

Sleeve Length:Max. 130mm

Sleeve Inside Diameter Tolarance:+0.02mm ~ +0.04mm

Sleeve Length Tolerance:± 0.5mm

Connector Length:28mm

Leads:  Standard 1000mm, PTFE insulation, permanent temperature resistant up to 260 °C

Thermocouple: J/K type thermocouple, In-built thermocouple is unavailable


  • If not specified, the inner diameter of the sleeve is a positive tolerance(+0.02mm ~ +0.04mm)
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