Everything You Should Know About Over the Side Immersion Heater with Temperature Control 

There are many different types of Immersion Heaters, and you can get overwhelmed when searching the web for these types. If this is the case for you and among the many types, the over-the-side immersion heater spoke to you the most; we are sure you must want more information.

Well, lucky for you, you have landed on the right page. Hop on below to learn everything you should know about over the side immersion heater with temperature control and all the factors you should keep under consideration when picking the best one for yourself.

What is Over the Side Immersion Heater?

The over the side immersion heaters are a type of immersion heater specifically designed to be installed on top of a tank in a way through which the heating element remains immersed at the bottom or along the side of the tank.

These immersion heater types are exceptional because they take up little space and eliminate the need for tank penetration, are easily removable, and provide sufficient working space inside. The over the side immersion heater is an excellent pick for any business use, and if you are wondering whether it would be a suitable pick for your working space, then we have this aspect covered for you as well.

What is the Over the Side Immersion Heaters Used For?

As a business owner who constantly needs heating solutions for your operations, you must wonder whether the over the side immersion heater is good for you. Well, to understand this, it is ideal to know about the application of this particular product.

Over the side immersion heaters are designed to be applied in areas where users need to heat oils of different viscosity, heat transfer oils, acidic solutions. They can also be used for decreasing solutions, simply water heating or freezing protection and in plating baths along with acids and salts.

The best part about these heaters is that they can be conveniently removed without the need for emptying the tank they are placed in or when there is no other opening to access to the liquid inside the tank. This product is exceptional for any kind of business where heating is required because it allows immediate heat transfer and lets users control heating temperatures to the point where no heat is used other than what is needed.

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Why Using the Over the Side Immersion Heater is a Great Idea?

When purchasing any particular product, users always want to ensure that it provides the best benefits in return. This is because when putting your money on the table, you would not want anything less than high-quality and commendable returns, right?

Well, this is precisely what you get with the over the side immersion heater. Not only are these heaters the best in business, but they also bestow several factors that back them up when deciphering why using them would be a great idea. Here are a few reasons that might help you understand why picking the over the side immersion heater might benefit you.

Immediate Heat Transfer

Several businesses require heating setups that provide immediate results. If you are searching for the same, let us assure you that the over the side immersion heater will provide you with just that.

This exceptional heating technology provides users with enough heat to keep their water or any solution they want warm and ensures it does it quickly. The energy transfer mechanism of this heater type is blazing fast, and once you switch it on, you will receive heated water or any liquid in no time. Hence, this might be your best pick when it comes to immediate heat-transferring tools.

Controlled Temperature

While transferring immediate heat is one quality the over the side immersion heater possesses, it is not the only quality. This particular heating equipment is exceptional for other factors, too. Among these many factors, the controlled temperature provision tops the list for many.

The Over the Side Immersion Heater allows users to control the required temperature at which they want their liquid to heat up. The heaters then work towards providing the exact heat, and stop when the required temperature is achieved. This is phenomenal for those businesses who want to keep an exact temperature while manufacturing their products or carrying out operations.

No Loss of Heat

In between ensuring that it provides immediate heat and controlled temperatures, the over the side immersion heater doesn’t let any extra heat go to loss. This works greatly benefit any operating business because they conserve energy, which works for the betterment of the environment, and they also save money on their accounts.

Sturdy and Strong

Another significant factor that makes the over the side immersion heater an excellent pick for your business is its ability to withstand harsh environments outside and indoors. These particular heating technologies are solid and sturdy and, hence, will work great in the rugged environment of any workspace or factory.


The best part about the over the side immersion heater is its cost. When purchasing any product, a user would want to look into both the price range and the quality of a product and buy the one that falls within their budget and delivers the highest quality. The over the side immersion heater checks all these boxes.

Not only do these heaters withstand harsh environments, but they also come at a great price. All this supports that these heaters might be a great addition to your business.

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Important Factors to Consider when Choosing an Over the Side Immersion Heater with Temperature Control

Now that you know why choosing an over the side immersion heater might benefit your business, we are sure you might be planning to purchase one. Before you hop over to the market or web to get a few for your business, it is essential to understand the factors you should consider when picking one out. Here are a few of these factors:

Outdoor and Indoor Installation

When choosing between the different types of over the side immersion heater, it is essential to consider when you want to place it. While these heaters work well for indoor and outdoor setups and installation will be almost the same in both areas, considering this factor and understanding what type of over the side immersion heater would go well with your location is essential.

Hazardous Location Installation

Before purchasing any product, it is essential to understand your location and the hazards it brings. With over the side immersion heater, this becomes even more crucial. Why is that? This is because these immersion heaters operate on electrical current. While they are secured, it is essential to foresee any hazards that might become a cause of electrocution for your workers.

Time Required to Reach Desirable Temperature

There are many types of over the side immersion heaters, each providing the desired temperature at a different time frame. Hence, understanding your required heat transfer time would be essential in making your pick. Understand the time frame that each type takes to reach the desirable temperature and choose the one that fits well within the time frame you want your heat to generate.

Quantity of the Liquid Being Heated

Apart from understanding the time required to reach a desirable temperature, it is also essential for you to understand the amount of liquid you want to heat as well. This is because the quantity of liquid you want to heat at one time would play a crucial role in determining the over the side immersion heater with temperature control you should pick. So, understand how much liquid heating you require on a daily basis, and then pick an immersion heater, depending on your need.

Space Limitation for Installation

The last aspect you should consider when purchasing an over the side immersion heater with temperature control is the space limitation in your business setup. Understand how much space you have to install these heaters and then purchase them in quantity according to this factor.

Wrapping It Up!

The over the side immersion heater with temperature control is an excellent pick for businesses that want quick heat transfer that saves energy and allows temperature control. If you are a business owner who was out on the web to know everything you should know about over the side immersion heaters, we hope this article was helpful for you.

If you are determined to purchase this exceptional heater, we suggest you check out HASTECO. This heating technology manufacturer has been in business for years and will not disappoint you with its exceptional manufacturing.

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