A Guide to Water Heater Coil – Type and its Application

Water heater coil

Water heater coil are one of the most common types of water heating systems. These heaters were typically found in old homes where access to electric and traditional water heaters wasn’t possible. However, its demand in recent times has increased drastically, and its application has grown pretty versatile.

If you heard about these water heater coils and wanted to know what it is and how it can be used, I have got you covered. In this detailed guide, I will answer all questions about the water heater coils etched in your mind and help you understand why it might be your best approach.


What are Water Heating Coils?

If you heard about the water heating coils for the first time, then we are sure that the first thought that popped up in your mind was, ‘What are these?’ In simple terms, water heating coils transfer heat to a fluid medium. The liquid medium is mostly water, and the coil is located within the water medium or a container. The coil heater has a closed metal sheath wrapped around a resistive wire, which helps it to transfer heat by heating the resistance wire. Hence, from its position, the coil works towards transferring heat to the water, which causes it to become hot.

Now that your query about what a water heater coil type is answered, we are sure that for many of you, understanding the water heater coil type working is essential before making a purchase. If you want to know the same, I have covered that for you as well.

Water heater coil

How Do Water Heating Coils Work?

The coil heaters typically work on the principle of resistance heating – also known as Joule heating. In this basic working principle, the electric current is passed through a material with an electrical resistance to it, which ultimately opposes the flow of electrons in the water mediums.

The resistance eventually causes the electrical energy to be converted into heat energy. Hence, the more opposition that will be created, the more heat will be generated, making the water hot.

To serve this purpose efficiently, the coil heaters are made from a resistive wire or ribbon coiled up together. The materials used in its manufacture are usually Nichrome or Kanthal, which have high resistivity and high heat resistance. These two factors work together to generate an efficient resistance, eventually generating heat energy for the water to change its temperature.


The Different Types of Water Heater Coils

There are a variety of different types of water heater coils. Each one has its unique purpose and specialty. If you want to know about some of the most useful, in-demand, and best water heater coil types, then we have a list concluded for you below:

· Spring Coil Heaters

Also known as cable heaters, spring coil heaters are beneficial for serving as external heaters, especially for hot water nozzles.

· Brass Coil Heater

The brass coil heaters are used in high-end hot runner systems and, even after long-term usage, don’t lift from the nozzle body due to thermal expansion. Hence, this type is always widely in demand.

· Kappa Coil Heater

This type of heater also prevents coil deformation after long-term use. The Kappa coil heater is a type of coil heater that is pressed in between metal sleeves, with threads on one end of the outer sleeves. They are popularly used for hot water nozzles.

· Axial Clamp Coil Heater

The axial clamp coil heaters are yet another popular type. These heaters prevent downtime because of their ease of front-end loading without having to remove the bushing. This type is highly durable and lasts users a long time.


Application of Water Heater Coil

The water heater coils serve a variety of different purposes in various sectors. These devices are used in several homes to heat water for bathing and regular uses, where electrical or traditional water heaters cannot be installed. Moreover, they are widely used in industries where hot water is required to manufacture different products. These devices are also used in reactors, hot runner systems, and injection molding industries.

These are just a few examples of the application of water heater coil, but in reality, its application is much more versatile, and it is used across several different sectors and industries. These heaters are excellent for their application and usage, but did you know that the benefits it provides make them even more exceptional?

Water Heater Coil

Benefits of Using the Water Heater Coil Type

Apart from its various types of applications, the water heater coil also serves several impeccable benefits. Some of these excellent benefits which might change your mind and make you incorporate this product into your life are:

· Highly Efficient

Coil heaters are excellent when it comes to their heating speed. They use their electrical energy and convert it quickly into heat energy to change the temperature of any liquid medium to a hotter side.

· Easy to Control

While water heater coils do heat water efficiently, the drawback of overheating always remains. However, this is not something you should worry about. With an efficient water heater coil, users can adjust the temperature accurately and control it using sensors and controllers.

· It Lasts a Long Time

When investing money in a particular device or product, users want it to last a long time and make the money they spent on it worthwhile. The water heater coil serves the same purpose. If used and maintained correctly, these heaters will last a long time.


How to Select the Perfect Water Heater Coil Type?

While on the forefront, choosing a water heater coil might seem like an easy task, you should understand that several factors go into selecting the perfect water heater coil. Some of these essential factors are:

· Size and Dimension

Taking into reference the size and dimension of both the water heater coil and what is being heated is essential. These two factors will help you assess the type of coil you may need for your heating purpose.

· Temperature

Understand the temperature each coil can provide and then relate it to the temperature preference you are looking for. This will eventually help you narrow down the water heater coil which might suit you the best.

· Time Frame

The time frame would refer to the speed and efficiency of your water heater coil. This would assess how quickly a water heater coil can heat your medium.

· Budget

You can find water heater coils in several different price ranges. Evaluate your budget and then find the one that fits your budget and matches all your preferences.

If you want to read about a buyer’s guide on tubular heaters, we got that covered too.


What is the Ideal Temperature of a Water Heater Coil?

The water coil heaters are designed to operate solely at high temperatures. Hence, an average estimate of an ideal temperature on most water coil types is around 200 – 1200 degrees Centigrade. However, depending on their intended use, some coil heaters may operate at even higher temperatures.

The temperature of the water coil heaters can vary depending on several factors, but you should remember that these heaters also come with sensors and controllers. Hence, for every water heater coil, users can adjust the temperature according to their preferences.


Does the Water Heater Coil Take up a Lot of Electricity?

In many countries, electricity is expensive, so people always incline towards products that save them electricity and don’t empty their pockets when paying the bills. The water heater coil works toward the same purpose.

Most water heat coil devices do not take up a lot of electricity and hence can be used in both industrial sectors and homes without much worry. Moreover, despite their electrical usage, these devices, if used properly, are highly safe to use too.


Are Water Heater Coils Durable?

When investing in a product, durability is one aspect any user considers the most. This is because when putting your money on the table, many customers want it to produce a worthwhile return. The water heater coils provide all this perfectly well. These heater coils last 10 to 30 years if used and maintained properly. Hence, if you were worried about the durability of these devices, then we hope this changed your mind for the better. Investing in

A water heater coil for long-term use is your best decision; trust us!



The water heater coil is a great and easy way of achieving continuous water heating in many different sectors, industries, and at home. We hope this guide was sufficient for you in obtaining information about the water heater coils.

If you plan on purchasing an efficiently working device, we urge you to check out HASTECO. The company is one of the best manufacturers of water heater coils and will provide you with an excellent product that matches all your demands and preferences.

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