The Things You Want to Know When You Buy the Cartridge Heaters

Are you someone who is planning to buy cartridge heaters for your business? Well, then, lucky for you, you have landed on the right page!

In between the several different heating products, there are multiple reasons why many people are inclined toward a cartridge heater. Here is a complete guide on what a cartridge heater is, how it works, what its types are, and all the reasons why it might come in handy for you.

What is a Cartridge Heater?

Cartridge heaters are one of the most valuable types of heaters and are used in several different industries. These are small tube or cylindrical shapes of industrial heating elements that are inserted into drilled holes.

These heating devices provide precise heating for different forms of materials, machinery, and equipment. Hence, these are used in different manufacturing industries to precisely direct localized heat and carry out a range of processes.

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How Cartridge Heaters Are Made?

The cartridge heaters are constructed in a way where the ceramic core is wrapped around with a resistance wire. Both of these aspects are then encased in a dielectric metal sheath, which is made from either plain steel or stainless steel.

The heat is then easily transferred from the resistance wire to the sheath and to the material that has to be heated. These heaters are designed in a way that helps withstand temperatures that are as high as 1400 degrees Fahrenheit or 760 degrees Celcius.

How Does the Cartridge Heater Work?

Do you remember how we talked about a resistance coil being wounded around a ceramic core that is surrounded by a dielectric and has a metal sheath encased in it? Well, the working of the cartridge heater majorly depends on both these heaters only. How so?

Well, powered heat is transferred from the coil onto the sheath, which then heats up. Once the sheath turns immensely hot, the heat is then transferred to the material that the user needs to heat.

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Four Most Common Types of Cartridge Heater

While its working is exceptional, what users need to understand is that there isn’t just one type of cartridge heater. Instead, there are several different types of cartridge heaters, a few of which we have mentioned below for you:

Thermocouple Cartridge Heater

These types of heaters help heat the surface directly and then use complex formulas to conclude the overall fit, wattage, density. The primary purpose of these types of cartridge heaters is over-temperature protection.

The thermocouples installed in these heaters monitor the sheath’s temperature. If it exceeds the set temperature, thermocouples send a 4 to 20 ma signal to the DCS to control it.

Flanged Cartridge Heaters

The flanged cartridges are the heaters that are attached to a piece of material that are heated along with an already attached flanged present on the exterior end of the heater. The primary purpose of this configuration is to give the heater a more sturdy fit.

Swaged Cartridge Heaters

In this type of heater, all essential aspects are inserted into the heater, and then the swaging process compensates. In the mechanical swagging, the heater is forced into a die, which reduces its overall diameter and closely packs together the interior component. The purpose of this process is to enhance heat transfer, ultimately making it more efficient.

Multizone Cartridge Heaters

These cartridge heater has its own wound coil and power leads in each individual sectopn, with two leads for each zone. In some cases, the zones will have a solo standard wire for each of the leads. However, the significant benefit of this type of cartridge heater is the ability to switch OFF a particular zone when not in use, allowing a user to lower the required energy.

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A Glimpse into the Uses for Cartridge Heaters

While the term ‘heater’ might make you think of cartridge heaters as a heating element, the use of this particular tool goes beyond just one industry. Here are the several different uses of cartridge heaters across various industries:

Die Casting

The process involves placing a molten metal in an open or closed die to give in order to achieve a desired shape. These heaters are placed in a hole within the die in order to manage and achieve the temperature of the molten metal accurately.

Food Production

The heat control provided by the cartridge heaters is a significant component in every aspect of food production.

Mold Processes

During mold processing, it is essential to monitor the solidification in order to achieve the best results. Hence, to assist in controlling this process, these heaters are added onto the mold and help avoid any weakness or unevenness in the molded part.


While many people won’t believe this, cartridge heaters play an immense role in the medical industry. These heaters are used to control the heating temperatures in baby incubators, injector ports, dialysis machines, etc. Moreover, in several different medical equipment, these heaters are used to heat aluminum or sometimes stainless steel too.

Plastic Extrusion

During the extrusion process, individuals need to ensure that the molten plastic is heated properly and from all sides when it is forced through the mold by a screw. Hence, these heaters are installed during the process in order to assist in achieving a constant heat temperature, which helps ensure the proper outcome of the product.

What is the Operating Temperature of a Cartridge Heater?

The cartridge heaters are designed to withstand extremely high temperatures. On average, a cartridge heater can manage temperatures up to 1400 degrees Fahrenheit or 760 degrees Celsius.

Due to this, these heaters work towards providing localized heat with precision, which is concentrated to meet the demands of a wide range of manufacturing applications.

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Temperature Controller and Thermocouple for Cartridge Heaters.

The cartridge heaters come installed with a temperature controller or thermocouple. The primary purpose of this add-on equipment in the cartridge heater is to control the temperature within the range at which it is set.

The thermocouples constantly monitor the heat range at the sheath level, and when it goes over the desired limit, it instantly sends a 4 to 20 ma signal to the DCS to control it. This then works to bring the heat range to the value that the user initially appointed.

Are Cartridge Heaters Available in Low to High-Watt Densities?

If you are someone who was wondering whether cartridge heaters operate on all working densities or are only limited to one, let us answer it for you.

Yes! The cartridge heaters are designed to operate at all levels of watt densities, namely low, medium, and high. Along with this, these heaters are also designed to operate at a working temperature of 1400 degrees Fahrenheit.

The Benefits of Cartridge Heaters

Apart from its exceptional working, the cartridge heaters also provide top-quality benefits to all of its users. Some of the exceptional benefits of cartridge heaters are:


The cartridge heaters not only have an exceptional working performance, but they are highly economical, too. They come at a lower price range, use little energy, and require minimal maintenance, all while executing an excellent heat transfer.


We all know that industries require accurate heating measurements for the manufacture of their products. With cartridge heaters, these companies can closely monitor and control temperatures and manufacture top-quality products.

Heavy Duty

Given that the cartridge heaters are used in extremely harsh industrial conditions, they have to be highly heavy-duty to last long. The companies who manufacture cartridge heaters understand this and hence ensure that these heating devices are manufactured in a way that makes them sturdy and gives them the ability to withstand heavy impact and high pressures.

Compact Design

The primary reason why many manufacturers are left impressed by the working of a cartridge heater is the amount of heat that is produced from its overall compact designs. This particular design enables the cartridge heater to be used in a lot of different industries with ease.

Wrapping Up!

If you are someone who is planning on purchasing a cartridge heater for your industry or business, then we hope this article was helpful for you. However, if you have solidified your decision to purchase a cartridge heater, make sure to check out HASTECO Technologies as your manufacturer. You will surely find your best pick in their premium quality heaters’ collection. Hope you found this article worth reading; stat tuned for more!

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